Other relevant publications

Synthesis Report – Peer Review on _Minimum Income Schemes_Berlin_Nov2019
10_Arguments_For Prioritising_Minimum-Incomes_as_a_follow_up_to_the_Social_Pillar_Bea_Cantillon_ AntwerpUniversity_WorkingPaper_Jan2019
S&D_ProgressiveSociety-SustainableEquality – Report released ahead of the next European Elections makes 100 concrete proposals, including the call for a decent minimum income guarantee, to radically change the way European economic, social and environmental policies are framed.  
Study on the integrated delivery of social services aiming at the activation of minimum income recipients in the labour Market June 2018
Integrated Services to support the labour market integration of Minimum Income recipients, check list
Atlas-of-Work-DGB-Germany  jointly published by Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB, German Federation of Trade Unions) and Hans Böckler Foundation (HBS).This Atlas of Work presents facts and figures about jobs, employment and livelihoods. It explains many aspects of how our working world is structured today, how it is in constant motion, and what opportunities we, especially policy makers, unions and civil society, have to change it.
Compte rendu de la conférence nationale EMIN Un budget de référence pour le Luxembourg

Minimum income policies as a tool for fighting poverty – EP Resolution



Notes on the Finnish BI experiment 
Basic Income_in_the_EU_a_conundrum_rather_than_a_solution_Vandenbroucke 
New-Minimum-Income-Scheme- Greece-ESPN-Flash-Report-July-2017
European-policy-centre-socialinvestmentfirst: Report calls for a European Framework for Minimum Income Schemes
The EU and Minimum Income Protection Vandenbroucke plus others
FEANTSA (the European Network of homeless service providers) as part of the European Minimum Income Network project, has produced a thematic study on “take up of minimum income by vulnerable groups, in particular homeless people”. In this report based on the work of Odenore (Observatoire DEs NOn-REcours aux droits et services, IEP Grenoble, France)  they present an important typology for understanding non-take-up in terms of: unknown, unclaimed, unobtained, and confiscated rights. They also show how with political will progress cna be made in the access of these rights. Access the FEANTSA Report here
Is Non-Take-Up a problem? A working paper of EUROFOUND on access to benefits in times of crisis outlines 11 convincing arguments why non-take-up is a problem.  They also review the latest literature on non-take-up and present the available figures. In addition they present mechanisms for discussion that could contribute to increasing the gap in non-take-up. Access the Eurofound working paper here


Overview of Reference Budget literature review

2014-06-24_Social Platform Position Paper on a Directive on Minimum Income

Committee of the Regions Opinion on Platform Against Poverty (supports MI Directive)

EAPN Ireland led EU Social Standards Project Report 2007


EESC opinion on Minimum Income calls for a European Framework Directive.

Assessment of the implementation of the EC Recommendation on Active Inclusion – 2013 – Access the synthesis report here.

SIP – Commission Staff Working Document – Follow-up on the implementation by the MS of the 2008 EC Recommendation on active inclusion – SWD(2013) 39.pdf

The Adequacy of Minimum Income in the EU – EAPN Explainer: An EAPN document presenting the definitions and challenges attached to the notion of “adequacy” and what we propose in terms of calculating “decent” minimum income schemes (2010).

Proposal for an EU Framework Directive on Minimum Income made by Anne Van Lancker, Consultant for EAPN.


European Parliament report on the role of minimum income in combating poverty and promoting an inclusive society in Europe, by Ilda Figueiredo, EP Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, July 2010.

Directorate General for Internal Policies, Policy Department A: Economic and scientific policy, Employment and Social Affairs, The role of minimum income for social inclusion in the European Union 2007-2010, January 2011.

Myths and Realities: A paper by Prof John Veit-Wilson, offering strong arguments in favour of the idea of an adequate minimum income for a decent and dignified level of living for all.

Minimum Income Schemes across EU Member States, 2009, by Eric Marlier and Hugh Frazer

Recommendation from the Commission to the Council on the active inclusion of people excluded from the labour market, October 2008.

92/441/EEC: Council Recommendation of 24 June 1992 on common criteria concerning sufficient resources and social assistance in social protection systems


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