Partners and Contact details


EAPN Project manager: Fintan Farrell

EMIN Project policy coordinator: Anne Van Lancker ‎

Contacts for the European Minimum Income Network

The European Minimum Income Network (EMIN) was a two year project (2013-2014) sponsored by the European Parliament, funded by the European Commission, under contract no Tender N° VT/2011/100 Pilot project – Social solidarity for social integration and promoted by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN).

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EAPN European Anti-Poverty Network


  • AGE Platform Europe
  • FEANTSA European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless
  • Belgian Federal Public Service Social Integration, anti-Poverty Policy, Social Economy and Federal Urban Policy
  • ANSA Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives
  • ETUI European Trade Union Institute
  • OSE Observatoire social européen – European Social Observatory
  • SIRG Social Inclusion Regional Group
  • National Minimum Income Networks (NMIN) in 5 Countries led in Belgium by Belgian Anti Poverty Network, in Italy, CILAP/EAPN Italy, in Ireland, EAPN Ireland, in Denmark EAPN Denmark, and in Hungary by EAPN Hungary.
  • In the second year of the project all EAPN National Networks will be involved. See list of National-Network members on EAPN’s website

EAPN Printlogo-feantsa  Belgian-Secretariat-integration-sociale-logoANSA-Agence-nouvelle-solidarités-activesETUI OSE   sirg

3 thoughts on “Partners and Contact details

  1. The 1st national meeting of EMIN took place in Rucava, Latvia, 22 January 2014. 15 specialists of NGO, University of Latvia and the Ministry of Welfare participated. Meeting was lead by national coordinator Elina Alere-Fogele.

  2. In September 17 took place in Riga EMIN national conference, which was attended by over 70 participants from the capital city and regional NGOs and local governments. In the opening of the conference Uldis Augulis, the Minister of Welfare, and Martins Zemitis, the representative of the European Commission, took part. The experiences were shared by visitors from Denmark and Lithuania – Per K.Larsen and Aiste Cerniauskaite to EAPN/ EMIN project goals. Summary of discussions of ten working groups will be used for the National Report of EAPN-Latvia, which will be prepared by Laila Balga, EMIN national coordinator, and the experts Lelde Calite and Elina Alere-Fogele.

  3. The 2nd national meeting of EMIN took place in Aloja, Latvia, 17 December 2014. 16 specialists of NGOs and the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia participated. The National Report and the Toward adequate and accessible Minimum Income Schemes in Europe (draft) was presented. Meeting was lead by national coordinator Laila Balga.
    18 December 2014 in Riga Lelde Calite, Laila Balga and Elina Alere-Fogele, the experts of EMIN / EAPN-Latvia, have presented the National Report and the Toward adequate and accessible Minimum Income Schemes in Europe (draft) to the Ministry of Welfare of LR.

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