European Social Pillar – 10 arguments for prioritizing adequate Minimum Incomes

Bea Cantillon drawing on the many studies of the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy, University of Antwerp on poverty and social policy, puts forward 10 arguments for prioritizing adequate minimum incomes as a follow up to the European institutions solemnly proclaimed European Pillar of Social Rights (Nov 2017). The Pillar initiative which aimed to redress the subordination of the ‘social element’ of the EU to economic imperatives opens up the opportunity to establish adequate social floors in European nations, she argues. The paper also suggest concrete steps on how to achieve this prioritization.

Read the paper 10_Arguments_For Prioritising_Minimum-Incomes_as_a_follow_up_to_the_Social_Pillar_Bea_Cantillon_ AntwerpUniversity_WorkingPaper_Jan2019