Peer Review on Minimum Income Schemes

The Peer Review (Nov 2018) provided the opportunity to discuss and exchange information on how minimum income benefits are set and provided in different European countries. The event was hosted by the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and brought together government representatives and independent experts, as well as a representative of the European Minimum Income Network and the European Commission.

The participating countries also discussed the key characteristics, including similar challenges faced by the different schemes and explored what common features could be used for a framework of minimum income schemes at European level.

A short report of the Peer Review and the papers presented can be accessed here

Following detailed accounts of the German minimum income system, the discussion mainly focused on Member States’ experiences concerning the design and governance of their minimum income systems, as well as the challenges and good practices of their different systems. Special attention was paid to the mechanisms used in the setting of the minimum income benefit level and/or its components and how to ensure that these levels are updated in a transparent manner.

In addition, countries discussed which activation measures and in-kind services should accompany minimum income (cash benefit) support in order to foster the integration into the labour market and the society. While some similarities among countries were identified, it also became evident that the minimum income systems across the EU are very diverse.


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