Season’s Greetings from all in EMIN


The Emmanu-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy (De Montfort University Choir), finalists of the BBC Choir of the Year with Pastor Samuel Gapara, support the call for better minimum income schemes throughout Europe. They hope to greet the EMIN bus with ‘full voice’ at its stop in Leicester next Year. With their energetic performance of ‘Joy to the World’ all involved in the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN) sends you season’s greetings: DMU Gospel Choir EMIN Season’s Greetings!

However you celebrate this season ‘of the turning of the light’, may their exuberance and passion give you energy for the Year ahead and the engagement for social justice!


One thought on “Season’s Greetings from all in EMIN

  1. Dear Colleagues. Sorry my mistake. It is the pastor and not the whole choir who said he supports the aims of emin. Meeting with the choir will happen layer. So for the moment please dont distribute msg or video further. Thanks. Fintan

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