EC News | ‘Basic income’ scheme initiatives in Switzerland and Finland

EC-basic-income.jpg01/03/2016 – Two new Flash Reports prepared by the European Social policy Network (ESPN) are now available and provide information on “basic income” scheme initiatives in Switzerland and Finland.

Swiss voters will be asked next 5 June 2016 in a binding referendum if they want to introduce an unconditional basic income to help ensure decent living conditions. Both the Federal Government and Parliament are recommending a ‘no’ vote.

The Finnish government has decided to launch a basic income experiment. The motivation behind the experiment is manifold: to combat work disincentives, to streamline the benefit system, to reduce the administrative burden and adapt social policy better to changes in the labour market. The practical implementation of the experiment is planned to start in 2017 with a budget of EUR 20 million for two years.

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ESPN Flash Report 2016/12 – Switzerland – Swiss to vote on the introduction of a universal “basic income” on 5 June 2016

ESPN Flash Report 2016/13 – Finland – Basic income experiment in Finland


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