Redattore Sociale (IT) interviews EAPN Italy on minimum income and the EMIN reports!

Last Thursday 15th January, Redattore Sociale, an italian newspaper, interviewed Nicoletta Teodosi, CILAP (EAPN Italy) on EMIN calling on Member States to go forward on minimum income, on the basis of a research financed by the European Commission (2013-2014) in 30 countries. “A universal system of minimum income schemes should be established for people who cannot integrate the labour market so that they can live a dignified life”, said Nicoletta Teodosi. Continue reading


Commissioner Thyssen: A minimum income in every EU country

How can the EU Economic and Monetary Union become more social? was one of the questions answered by the new Commissioner, Marianne Thyssen, in an interview for the Social Agenda magazine. “We should think in terms of minimum standards. For example, having a minimum income in every EU country, based on a reference budget. People are working on that right now. We definitely need a more social economic and monetary union” she answered. The full article can be read on the European Commission’s website:

Open the Minimum Income Scheme (RSA) to all adults 18 years and older living legally in France

Open the Minimum Income Scheme (RSA) to all adults 18 years and older living legally in France, without a requirement to have worked, living on low incomes, but only once an assessment has been done of the full range of benefits the person has a right to, is one of the key recommendations that is contained in the French Report produced as part of the European Minimum Income Network Project.  You can access the full report in French and English EMIN-France-2014-Fr  EMIN-France-2014-En