EMIN Major EU Final Conference – Building Consensus for adequate minimum income schemes

This Thursday 11 December from 13.30 till 18.00, the EMIN will hold its Final EU-level Conference on minimum income schemes, building on 30 national conferences throughout Europe and  presenting the outcome of the work of the EMIN, with the contribution of other key actors, on how to build momentum for adequate Minimum Income Schemes. 

These contributions include two thematic reports on ‘Not Take Up’ done by FEANTSA and on ‘Adequacy of Incomes for Older people’ done by the AGE-Platform.

The conference is opened to anyone (upon registration).

See here the programme of the event

Venue: Pacheco Center, Boulevard de Pachéco 13

(close to Metro Botanique)

Date: 11 December 2014 (13.30 – 18.00)

Interpretation: English and French

logo-pngThe European Minimum Income Network (EMIN) is a project sponsored by the European Parliament, managed by the European Commission and promoted by EAPN. It aims to build consensus for the progressive realisation of adequate and accessible minimum income schemes, in line with the European Commission Active Inclusion Strategy (2008) the Social Investment Package (2013) and contributing to reaching the poverty target in the Europe 2020 Strategy.


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