13 Spanish MEP address Mr Juncker on his promises on Minimum Income

European Commission President Juncker addresses the European Parliament to present a plan on growth, jobs and investment in Strasbourg04/12/2014 – 13 Spanish MEP sent a joint letter to President of the European Commission Mr Juncker on Minimum Income and presented a parliamentary question, asking Mr. Juncker to comply with his promises on this matter. MEPs from nearly all Spanish parties in the European Parliament, except for the PP and CiU, demanded that the president of the European Commission (EC), Jean-Claude Juncker, to fulfill his promise of promoting a European minimum income.

Through a parliamentary question signed by 13 MEPs from different political groups, parliamentarians addressed Mr Juncker to recall him his promise and know when and how he plans to take it forward. Is the European Commission going to comply immediately the commitment of the President?” and “What instruments and deadlines?” says the text agreed by PSOE, UPyD, we, citizens, PNV, Compromís, Equo, BNG, EH BILDU, ERC, IU, ICV and AGE.

MEPs reminded Mr Jean-Claude Juncker that he promised before the Chamber on July 15, 2014, as he was still a candidate to his current position, to work for the setting up of a guaranteed minimum income, which had been subject to a petition approved by MEPs in the previous legislature.

Read more on Spanish newspaper El Publico http://www.publico.es/politica/559959/eurodiputados-espanoles-piden-a-juncker-que-promueva-su-promesa-renta-minima

Photo: © Reuters


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