Want to know the latest Information re Minimum Income Schemes in Malta, Luxembourg and Sweden?

Please see attached the National Reports prepared under the EMIN project for the countries of Malta, Luxembourg and Sweden. These reports present information and comments on: 1) latest developments in relation to Minimum Income Schemes, 2) Assessments of the schemes in relation to their adequacy, coverage and take-up, and the link to accessible services and inclusive employment (in line with he EU Active Inclusion Recommendation).  Perhaps the central part of the reports, is the identification of obstacles to accessible and adequate Minimum Income Schemes, the identification of steps to overcome these obstacles and the efforts made to build collaboration between different actors to support the implementation of the proposed steps.  Continue reading


Minimum Income Scheme in Greece – Report from Consultation Meeting

GreeceEMIN01/10/2014- “Debate on Minimum Income Schemes (MIS) in Greece and the EU-Expectations and Challenges” was held in Athens, Greece.

In the workshop that was held on the 1st of October 2014 in the frame of EMIN project  forty one (41) persons out of seventy three that have been invited participated.

The workshop was greated by Mr. Istvan Venoulos, representing the European Commission. The speech was positively addressing the necessity of the establishment of adequate minimum income schemes in all EU member states and expressed, on behalf of the Commissioner the will to support the effort towards this direction. Continue reading