National EMIN conference held in Luxembourg

Luxembourg1/10/2014- The national EMIN conference “Guaranteed minimum income as a Tool to fight Poverty?” was held in Luxembourg.

At first, Christine Mayer the Economic Chief of the European Commission’s Representation in Luxembourg, made an introduction about fighting poverty in the UE and underlined the importance and relevance of such a European Minimum Income Network.

Anne Van Lancker, EMIN policy coordinator, described the EMIN project in detail and presented the EU roadmap towards progressive realization of adequate and accessible Minimum Income Schemes.

Jonathan Devillers, Expert by experience of the Belgian Anti-Poverty Network (BAPN), then presented the situation of the minimum income in Belgium. Continue reading

Vice President of Senate speaks at EMIN Conference in Czech Republic

7/10/2014- Czech Republic held their National EMIN Conference on the World day for Decent Work. The Conference was held under patronage of the Vice – president of Senate Mr. Zdeněk Škromach. In his opening speech, Vice-President of Parliament Zdeněk Škromach reviewed developments in Europe and the Czech Republic since the resolution “The role of minimum income in combating poverty and promotion of social inclusion in Europe”, adopted by the European Parliament in the 2010 European conference at the same time committed to efforts to reduce the level of poverty in the Strategy for 2020. Despite being in Europe, a strong focus on poverty reduction, the poverty rate is still rising.

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Irish Roundtable: An action plan for adequate income

IrishRoundtable7/10/2014- The Irish Round table was built on the Report on Minimum Income in Ireland by Robin Hanan and Audry Deane.

It discussed two draft discussion paper on a Road Map to an Adequate Minimum Income System in Ireland and a Road Map to an Adequate Minimum Income System in Europe

Speakers from the round table where as seen in photo: Robin Hanan, Micheál Collins, Audry Deane, Anne Van Lanker, Katherine Duffy and Hugh Frazer (Chairperson). Continue reading

Dutch conference shows the importance of a minimum income for target groups

DutchConference10/10/2014- Jo Bothmer opened the EMIN conference on Minimum Income by pointing out that the Netherlands are in a position that there is a minimum income (Law on Social Assistance) since 1965. In principal even earlier since the Old Age Pension Act was introduced in 1956. But as we see in other countries our minimum income schemes are under attack.  Today we are looking from different target groups why this minimum income is that important.

The key-note speaker Esther Langen showed very clear how poverty as well as the number of working poor is increasing and that the next changes in social security starting at the 1st of January 2015 will be the next step in decreasing social assistance. Continue reading

Danish EMIN Conference – Read the National Report

24/03/2014- The Danish EMIN conference took place in Copenhagen Friday, September 24 and brought together over 150 participants, most professional, but also people who experience poverty. The conference had three items on the agenda: 1) EMIN Europe presented by Anne van Lancker, minimum incomes in Sweden presented by Johan Holmdahl and in Denmark presented by Per K. Larsen. 2) A young person experiencing homelessness, living on a minimum income, talked about their life and meetings with the Danish authorities. 3) leaders from social NGOs and a private enterprise spoke about good examples on rehabilitation and companies that take social responsibility. In all it was some interesting and inspiring hours. Continue reading

The National Report was presented during EMIN conference in Malta

14/10/2014- The National EMIN conference was held in Malta last week. During the conference the draft of Malta’s EMIN Report was presented. Local television stations featured the conference in their news bulletins, including interviews with researcher Leonid Mc Kay. The EMIN Project and the findings of the report was aired live during a radio programme on a national radio station.   Continue reading