Invite to register for EMIN European Conference

We have now completed 30 National Conferences on Minimum Income Schemes and two thematic reports: 1) On ‘Not Take Up’ done by FEANTSA and 2) ‘Adequacy of Incomes for Older people’ done by AGE- Platform.

You are now invited to register for the final Conference (of phase one of the project) which will be held in Brussels on Thursday 11 December from 13.30 to 18.00. The outcome of the work will be presented and other key actors will be present and contribute; on how to build momentum for adequate Minimum Income Schemes.

See attached document for more information _Conference Programme. A more detailed programme will be available later.

Register be sending an email with your name and organisation to before 31 November.


Information and awareness raising leaflet on Minimum Income Schemes in the UK

See attached short information and awareness raising leaflet on Minimum Income Schemes in the UK. The leaflet also includes information on what needs to change and key ideas on what’s blocking the changes that are needed.  One information from the leaflet is the following:

A Trade Union Confederation survey has shown that people think 41% of the total welfare budget goes on unemployment benefits; the true figure is nearer 3%.

Read the whole leaflet here.