‘Put Flesh to your Words! Poverty in Greece needs a comprehensive Minimum Guaranteed Income Scheme’ – EAPN Greece response to the Pilot MGI Initiative’

It is not possible for EAPN Greece to take a clear position, supporting or rejecting the pilot initiative, given the lack of clarity surrounding the announcement of the pilot Minimum Guaranteed Income (MGI) scheme. We have a positive stance towards the introduction of a MGI scheme, we have fought for it over many years, but we wait to see the final legal framework (the Ministerial Act) and the conditions of the pilot phase, to express more clearly our position.

In the press release we raise our strong concerns. We also call for the establishment of a consultation procedures with the civil society, including EAPN Greece, during the ‘piloting stage’ to monitor its implementation, aiming at its optimization and efficiency.  The absence of a consultation procedure so far, has prevented a better understanding of the various aspects concerning the proposed MGI, and is a missed opportunity to draw on the experience of NGOs and others to maximise the possibility to have a successful scheme.

Please read the full press release MGI scheme Press Release_en and the attached PPTGreece Poverty and MGI_en given some more background information on poverty in Greece.


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