Vice President of Senate speaks at EMIN Conference in Czech Republic

7/10/2014- Czech Republic held their National EMIN Conference on the World day for Decent Work. The Conference was held under patronage of the Vice – president of Senate Mr. Zdeněk Škromach. In his opening speech, Vice-President of Parliament Zdeněk Škromach reviewed developments in Europe and the Czech Republic since the resolution “The role of minimum income in combating poverty and promotion of social inclusion in Europe”, adopted by the European Parliament in the 2010 European conference at the same time committed to efforts to reduce the level of poverty in the Strategy for 2020. Despite being in Europe, a strong focus on poverty reduction, the poverty rate is still rising.

Read the full report from the EMIN Conference in Czech Republic here: Report from Conference

Read the Final Draft Version of the National Report here: Final report

Several media reported on the conference:

Website of the Senate

Website of Zdenek Škromach

Parliamentary leaves

Czech Television, Udalosti (the main evening news program)




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