EMIN Conference in Romania

26/09/2014- The National Conference EMIN “Country Report. Guaranteed Minimum Income in Romania” took place at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania. The event was held with the support of the Romanian Senate and was attended by Lăcrămioara Corcheş, Director of the General Directorate of  Social Assistance within the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly. From our European partners in the EMIN Project, participated Maria Jeliazakova, national coordinator EAPN Bulgaria and Fintan Farrell, EMIN European Coordinator (EAPN Brussels). At the Conference participated more than 50 participants, professionals from the field of social protections, NGOs, trade unions and people experiencing poverty.

The Minister Delegated for Social Dialogue, Aurelia Cristea, sent her personal message of support with the European organizations involved in the project and greets Romanian organizations that have responded to this challenge. The conference created a good opportunity for participants to discuss, raise questions and find answers to the most sensitive issues concerning poverty in Romania and the adequacy of Minimum Income Schemes as a way out of poverty. Bellow you may find some of the presentations made during the Romanian EMIN Conference.

To read more, download the:

Conference Agenda

Presentation by Renasis

Presentation by Lacramioara Corches

Presentation by Maria Jeliazkova

Presentation by Stefan Constantinescu

Abstract from the Draft Report



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