Danish EMIN Conference – Read the National Report

24/03/2014- The Danish EMIN conference took place in Copenhagen Friday, September 24 and brought together over 150 participants, most professional, but also people who experience poverty. The conference had three items on the agenda: 1) EMIN Europe presented by Anne van Lancker, minimum incomes in Sweden presented by Johan Holmdahl and in Denmark presented by Per K. Larsen. 2) A young person experiencing homelessness, living on a minimum income, talked about their life and meetings with the Danish authorities. 3) leaders from social NGOs and a private enterprise spoke about good examples on rehabilitation and companies that take social responsibility. In all it was some interesting and inspiring hours. Continue reading


The National Report was presented during EMIN conference in Malta

14/10/2014- The National EMIN conference was held in Malta last week. During the conference the draft of Malta’s EMIN Report was presented. Local television stations featured the conference in their news bulletins, including interviews with researcher Leonid Mc Kay. The EMIN Project and the findings of the report was aired live during a radio programme on a national radio station.   Continue reading