EMIN conference in Finland covered MI from diverse perspectives

Finland-panel-discussionThe Finnish EMIN conference was held at the “Little Parliament”, an annex of the Parliament of Finland, on 30th September. The subject of minimum income was discussed from various points of view.

After the presentations on the EMIN project and the key findings of the Finnish EMIN report, there was an enlightening presentation on social assistance from a PeP point of view. There was also an introduction to the basis of the 2015 Finnish evaluation of the sufficiency of basic benefits – an evaluation that is conducted every four years as required by a legislative amendment.

Where the first half of the conference covered minimum income schemes in Finland, the second half was dedicated to the European level of the subject. The European goals of the EMIN project were discussed, and the findings of the Estonian EMIN report gave yet another perspective on the question in hand.

In a panel discussion, five members of parliament (each representing a different parliamentary group) tackled the question whether minimum income schemes are a matter of national or European level politics. The conference concluded to a presentation on the questions of social exclusion and active inclusion in Europe 2020 Strategy and the European Semester.

During the conference it became clear that there is room for more discussion on minimum income schemes in Finland. The work continues!


To read more, visit EAPN Finland’s website here

Several media reported on the event:







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