EAPN Spain: “Minimum-income in Spain and the EU” conference brings concrete proposals for improvement

2014-EMIN-conference-SpainMadrid, 15/09/2014 – EAPN Spain, national pilot of the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN), organized the conferenceMinimum Income Schemes in Spain and the EU‘ at the ONCE Foundation headquarters in Madrid. The conference aimed to improve minimum-income scheme coverage for the most vulnerable, its effectiveness as a key tool in the fight against poverty and the transparency of its management. During the conference, the findings of the EU-level EMIN research project were presented and the implementation and impact of minimum-income schemes in Spain’s autonomous communities and throughout the EU were analysed. Many different stakeholders participated in the event, notably experts in local, regional and national development and minimum-income recipients – as direct witnesses of the effectiveness of the implementation of minimum-income schemes -.

The conference ended with a series of concrete proposals and contributions which will feed into EAPN Spain’s own proposal for improvement of the minimum-income scheme in Spain.

See the event’s page on the event here with all presentations and reports.

The Spanish EMIN Meeting in the media:


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