A common approach to minimum income schemes in the EU?

Mark the dates! 30 national conferences to discuss Minimum Income Schemes in the EU


Social insecurity is growing in Europe. European states, once hailed as models of comprehensive social protection systems, are undergoing dramatic reforms. What is happening to the European dream and model of quality employment and high-level social protection? This question is closely linked to the quality of minimum income schemes in European countries.

This is the topic of 30 national conferences happening this year between June and mid-October in 30 European countries and culminating by an EU-level conference on 06 November 2014 in Brussels, to take stock of the outcomes of all the national discussions.

These conferences are organized with the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN), a two-year project (2013-2014) funded by the European Commission, that has the aim of building consensus to take the necessary steps towards the progressive realisation of adequate and accessible minimum income schemes, in line with the European Commission’s Active Inclusion Recommendation of 2008, the poverty-reduction target of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the EU Social Investment Package.


For General Information contact: Fintan Farrell EMIN Project Manager – fintan.farrell@eapn.eu

This table is updated regularly

Country Date Contact Information
Belgium 10 June 

Elke Vandermeerschen


10/06/2014 – BAPN: BMIN holds conference on adequate and accessible minimum income
France 30 June  Sylvie Hanocqsylvie.hanocq@solidarites-actives.com 30/06/2014 – Report of the EMIN Conference in France


11 Sept Julia Zuercherjulia.zuercher@caritas.de


15 Sept  Isabel Allendeisabel.allende@eapn.es
Latvia 17 Sept  Laila Balgalaila.balga@latnet.lv


17 Sept  Zuzana Kusázuzanak574@gmail.com  
Estonia 17 Sept Kart Meremere@online.ee  See related news on this website
Hungary 18 Sept Johanna Laszlolaszlo.johanna@hapn.hu  
Bulgaria 19 Sept Maria Jeliazkovaperspekt@tradel.net  
19 Sept
Vilborg Oddsdóttirvilborg@help.is
Sweden 22 Sept  Leif Öbergleif.oberg@fralsningsarmen.se 
Denmark 24 Sept Per K. Larsenper.k.larsen@eapn.dk  
25 Sept Sandra Araujosandra.araujo@eapn.pt  National Conference “Adequate income: building consensus”
Page of the event: http://www.eapn.pt/agenda_visualizar.php?ID=746 and the Programme in English
Poland 26 Sept Kamila PłowiecKamila.p@wrzos.org.p  
Cyprus 26 Sept Nikos Satsiasnikos.satsias@sek.org.cy National Conference “Building Consensus”
Friday, 26 September 2014, 9.00 – 14.00
University of Nicosia UNESCO AmphitheatreSee the invitation here
26 Sept Mila Carovskamila.carovska@hera.org.mk
Romania 26 Sept Raluca Manailaraluca.manaila@resurseumane-aur.ro


29 Sept  Victor Momudovmomodu@hotmail.comKatherine Duffyk.b.duffy@talktalk.net  
Finland 30 Sept Jaakko KiilunenJaakko.kiilunen@evl.fi
Luxembourg 1 Oct Nathalie GeorgesNathalie.GEORGES@caritas.lu  
Greece 1 Oct Maria Marinakoumaria.marinakou@gmail.com
Serbia 3 Oct Oliviera Pavlovicolivera_pavlovic@hotmail.com  
Czech Republic 7 Oct Dagmar Kocmánková Dagmar.Kocmankova@novyprostor.cz  
Ireland 7 Oct Robin Hananrobin@eapn.ie  Watch related news on this website
Italy 8 Oct Nicoletta Teodosinickteodosi@gmail.com  
Netherlands 10 Oct Jo Bothmerjobothmer@eapnned.nl
Austria 10 Oct  Eugen Bierling-Wagnereugen.bierling-wagner@armutskonferenz.at
Norway 13 Oct Dag Westerheimpost@velferdsalliansen.no  
Malta 14 Oct Saviour Grimafsg372@gmail.com  
Lithuania 15 Oct

Romas Lazutka



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