EMIN Conference in Hungary creates momentum

EMIN-Hungary-3On 18 September, the national conference of the EMIN in Budapest organised by EAPN Hungary (HAPN) was a great success. Representatives of a large spectrum of stakeholders, including the Government, attended the Conference. After the conference, several stakeholders offered to build a partnership to push together for an adequate minimum income in Hungary. New volunteers also offered their help to EAPN Hungary coordinating the EMIN in Hungary.  Continue reading


Ireland EMIN Conference 07/10: Register for the Round table on an action plan for adequate income

This 7 October 2014, 9.30am to 1.15pm, in the European Parliament Information Office in Ireland, Molesworth Street, Dublin. This Round Table will discuss how to develop an effective minimum income scheme – the basic safety-net welfare payments – and how to build support for this. Specifically, we are seeking your views on a draft ‘road map’ to an adequate and effective minimum income for Ireland which will be distributed to participants before the meeting. Continue reading

EMIN Conference in Latvia shares experiences with Denmark and Lithuania

EMIN-Latvia-21-09-2014-Lithuania-rep17/09/2014 – The EMIN national conference in Riga, Latvia, was attended by over 70 participants, from the capital city as well as regional-NGO and local-government representatives. Uldis Augulis, the Minister of Welfare, and Martins Zemitis, the representative of the European Commission, took part in the opening of the conference. Representatives from EMIN Project Denmark and Lithuania, Per K.Larsen and Aiste Cerniauskaite, also shared their experiences with the audience. The Summary of discussions of ten working groups will be used for the National Report of EAPN-Latvia. Continue reading

EAPN Spain: “Minimum-income in Spain and the EU” conference brings concrete proposals for improvement

2014-EMIN-conference-SpainMadrid, 15/09/2014 – EAPN Spain, national pilot of the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN), organized the conferenceMinimum Income Schemes in Spain and the EU‘ at the ONCE Foundation headquarters in Madrid. The conference aimed to improve minimum-income scheme coverage for the most vulnerable, its effectiveness as a key tool in the fight against poverty and the transparency of its management. Continue reading

A common approach to minimum income schemes in the EU?

Mark the dates! 30 national conferences to discuss Minimum Income Schemes in the EU


Social insecurity is growing in Europe. European states, once hailed as models of comprehensive social protection systems, are undergoing dramatic reforms. What is happening to the European dream and model of quality employment and high-level social protection? This question is closely linked to the quality of minimum income schemes in European countries.

This is the topic of 30 national conferences happening this year between June and mid-October in 30 European countries and culminating by an EU-level conference on 06 November 2014 in Brussels, to take stock of the outcomes of all the national discussions. Continue reading