ANSA (member of EAPN France) holds conference on French minimum income RSA

Paris, 30/06/2014 -The ANSA (Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives), member of EAPN France and national pilot in the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN), organised a public conference on the French minimum income scheme (Revenu de Solidarité Active – RSA), gathering minimum-income recipients, organisations, civil servants, regional/local authorities, professional organisations, policy makers, academics and private sector representatives. As the national pilot of the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN) coordinating and feeding into the debate on minimum income, the ANSA (Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives) issued a report on the French minimum-income scheme RSA, identifying the key issues at stake and making proposals for improvement.

 The report, entitled “Quelles pistes d’évolution pour le Revenu de Solidarité Active en France ?” (What ways to develop and improve the RSA in France?), was at the heart of the debate of the public conference ANSA organised, as part of the series of conferences held by EMIN members throughout the EU this year. The report presents 17 concrete proposals.

6 years after the implementation of the RSA (replacing the former minimum income scheme RMI), the conference was an opportunity to look back and take stock of the many hopes and debates the RSA created for all the stakeholders represented at the conference.

Read the full press release issued by ANSA here (in French), with contact details.

 See the report page on ANSA website. Access the report directly here (in French) and its annexes.




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