Signs of Spring for Minimum Income in Italy

Please see attached the year 1 report (2013) from the Italian Minimum Income Network. Italy remains one of the few European Union countries without a National framework for Minimum Income Schemes. However the report tells of many new initiatives to change this situation.  One of the most important of such initiatives is the one that saw the engagement of more than 170 social organisations and associations that collected more than 50,000 signatures throughout Italy, asking for the approval of the citizens’ legislative initiative for a universal guaranteed minimum income. The proposal was elaborated and promoted by the Campaign’s promoters, CILAP – EAPN Italia included, and was delivered to the President of the House of Representatives in order to be discussed in the Parliament. The report also outlines draft laws submitted by:  SEL (Left Ecology and Freedom – left); PD (Democratic Party – center-left); Movimento 5 Stelle (Movement 5 Stars – independent).  The developments and evolution of regional schemes are also highlighted.  The  Italian EMIN Network will work to try to ensure that these Spring shoots develop into fully fledged adequate Minimum Income Schemes.  Read the EMIN Italy Report 2013

[1]              For the list of participants and any other information see:!/adesioni


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