Response to EMIN draft road map by Prof. John Veit-Wilson

Please see here a response to the EMIN draft EU road map from Prof John Veit-Wilson, a sociologist and social policy poverty researcher who has worked and written on the subject of minimum income adequacy for decades.   His contribution suggests practicable methods of achieving a better approach to adequacy allowing for national differences and constraints on implementation. Please see the full draft EU road map in a previous entry on this blog. Comments on the road map are very welcome. A second version of the road map should issue in early April.

Important background work that has fed into the current debates and projects on Minimum Income in the EU

EAPN Irl led EU Social Standards Project (2007)

This project which was supported by the PROGRESS programme and lead by EAPN Irl, had NGO and Governmental partners from 7 countries. It was one of the first reports to make a case for an EU Directive on Adequate Minimum Income.  See the final report of the project here 

EU Project Standard Budgets (2009)

The transnational project “Standard Budgets” was also supported by PROGRESS money and aimed to develop and strengthen the instruments that are needed to (better) use Reference Budgets. Under the supervision of Nibud (Austria), national reference budgets were developed in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and Spain, Finland and Germany.  Information on this project can be found at

EAPN Major Conference in the 2010 Year Against Poverty

As part of EAPNs campaign for adequate minimum income EAPN with EAPN Belgium held a major conference during the 2010 Year against Poverty. Starting from the experiences of people living on a minimum income, the conference engaged in a timely review of the role of minimum income in promoting a better life for all, and review the progress made, in the context of the European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion. The aim was to press for concrete proposals which can ensure an adequate minimum income as a lasting legacy from the 2010 year. A draft framework for an EU directive on Minimum Income including the proposal of a legal base for such a directive was presented. For more info see here