Background Papers for the 2013 European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty

This report brings together the preparation work that was done by the delegations for the 2013 meeting. It is important to note that this work was done on a voluntary basis and the methodology used was very different from country to country. Some drew on existing work, some completed exercise with delegations some worked with particular individuals and NGOs.  Therefore while very interesting information can be drawn from this work it is not possible to make direct comparisons between the different country reports.  Such a document would require more resources and time to develop.    It points to the importance of the work identified in the Social Investment Package to develop common principals and methodologies for the development of Reference Budgets. To feed the exchanges at the 2013 European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty, National delegations were asked to make preparatory reports on 1) Reference Budgets, 2) Impact of the crisis and 3) Relevant practices.

Access the report here. Comments and reactions on the report are welcome.



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