Background Papers for the 2013 European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty

This report brings together the preparation work that was done by the delegations for the 2013 meeting. It is important to note that this work was done on a voluntary basis and the methodology used was very different from country to country. Some drew on existing work, some completed exercise with delegations some worked with particular individuals and NGOs.  Therefore while very interesting information can be drawn from this work it is not possible to make direct comparisons between the different country reports.  Such a document would require more resources and time to develop.    It points to the importance of the work identified in the Social Investment Package to develop common principals and methodologies for the development of Reference Budgets. To feed the exchanges at the 2013 European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty, National delegations were asked to make preparatory reports on 1) Reference Budgets, 2) Impact of the crisis and 3) Relevant practices.

Access the report here. Comments and reactions on the report are welcome.



Comments welcome on Discussion Paper on EU Road Map for Adequate Minimum Income

Please see  the Discussion Paper “EU Roadmap for the progressive realisation of adequate minimum income schemes” (February 2014). This is a work in progress and we would really welcome your comments suggestions before the end of March when a second version will be developed.   The final draft version will be discussed at a conference in Brussels on 6 November 2014.  You might want to note this date in your diary.

Report of Minimum Income Seminar held in Paris 9 December 2013

Four key issues emerged from the discussions at the seminar as crucial in developing effective minimum income schemes.  These are: defining adequacy and regular uprating of payments, ensuring coverage, addressing non-take-up and integrating minimum income into an active inclusion approach.  Building consensus to make progress on these four areas is crucial to the work of the EMIN project.

Drawing conclusions from the seminar, Hugh Frazer Adjunct Professor, National University of Ireland said: “The amount of resources required to establish adequate minimum income schemes is, in the totality of things, quite small.  However, it is also clear from what people have said at this seminar that what the EMIN is about is also not a small thing – it is a very big thing.  It is about building a fairer, more inclusive, less unequal Europe which guarantees decent and dignified social standards for all.  Adequate minimum income schemes are an important step in achieving such a vision and if we do not achieve this vision I fear that we will not much longer have a social Europe and indeed a European Union at all.”

Access the full report of the seminar here