See here Synthesis Report of the Analysis of Minimum Income Schemes in 5 EU Member States

The EMIN coordinator in each of the 5 countries (Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland and Italy) chosen for an in-depth analysis of their national situations, have produced a national report on the current state of play on minimum income schemes in terms of adequacy, coverage and take-up in their country.

The reports build on the national expertise of EAPN and EMIN partners, with other sources, in particular on the 2009 reports of the national independent experts on social inclusion and their 2013 reports on active inclusion and on recent MISSOC data. The national teams also added value to these data through a bottom-up approach through national consultations.

The reports also identify good and unsatisfactory practices related to adequacy, coverage and take-up of minimum income schemes. Consensus is being sought with relevant actors in order to identify initial practical steps towards progressive realisation of adequate and accessible minimum income schemes in Member States.

This process is still continuing. The identification of relevant steps to be taken will be a key outcome of the dialogue that is taking place with relevant stakeholders.

Based on the experience of developing these reports in the 5 identified countries, reports will be produced in 26 remaining countries (all EU Member States plus Serbia, Iceland, FYROM and Norway). This synthesis report presents some common findings from the 5 pilot countries, but also highlights the differences in the state-of play.

This report will also be used to identify common trends and prepare the ground for the European follow up in terms of proposals on common EU definitions, criteria and possible next steps for further cooperation on the theme at EU level.

See the report here: EMIN-analysis-of-MI-schemes-in-5-countries-Synthesis-Report-November-2013